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The Cradle

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The Cradle

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The Cradle

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Categories: Christmas Plays
Author: Donna McHugh
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A Christmas Program by Donna McHugh

NOTE: This is in downloadable PDF format - not a printed book.

Marcus nervously made his way up the stairs and knocked on the commander's door. "Whatever could the commander want this time?" Marcus thought as he awaited the response from the commander. After a brief greeting, the commander got to the crux of the matter. It seems there was a rumor floating around the countryside about a supposed angelic appearance to a young virgin and that made the Roman commander a little bit nervous. Join Marcus on his search for the truth which led him to Joseph's carpenter shop where he found him working on a cradle. Joseph is alarmed when he hears about Marcus' mission. What were those loose-tongued villagers saying now? How would this all affect his wife and the Promised One? Shortly after the visit from the soldier, Joseph heard the call for assembly. There he learned that Caesar Augustus wanted to tax all of the world! What could this mean for Joseph and Mary? How could they raise the money for a trip to Bethlehem?...And what about Mary? Would she be able to make the trip in her condition?

Join Joseph as he discovers exactly how God plans for the birth of His Son and how he learns to trust God to work out the details!

2 Reviews for The Cradle

  • truly blessed - Wednesday, July 29, 2015 Anonymous
    I directed "The Cradle" at my church 2 yrs ago. From the minute I first read it I felt blessed, as did several of the cast who were acting for their first time. The audience and cast enjoyed viewing Christ's birth from a different perspective that was plausible and uplifting. Joseph and Mary and their 5 mth old firstborn brought it to life. Great play and highly recommended. -Ellen Sorensen
  • Good play - Sunday, August 31, 2014 Anonymous
    I loved this play from the minute I first read it, a whole new perspective with some modern day views set in biblical times. The play allows for many roles, some non-speaking, but two main roles. A great play for my small church. I was able to easily edit parts of the script to meet our needs. -Ellen Sorensen
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