After your book is printed, it needs to be bound. We have a number of binding options, which include perfect binding, saddle stitch, spiral/coil, wire-o, and comb binding which can all be done in house by our experienced staff. If you are not sure which option best suits your project, contact us and we’ll be glad to discuss your options.

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is the preferred binding method for graphic novels, trade paperbacks, softcover children’s books, coloring books, catalogs, literary journals, quarterly magazines, etc. It is the process of applying a special adhesive to the edge of the pages of a book, and then adhering those pages to an outside cover, clamping the cover in such a way as to make a square-back edge. There are no minimum quantities, and we can bind as few as 2 sheets of paper, up to a maximum spine thickness of 2 inches. We can bind single sheet documents or folded press signatures and can collate your printed pages or use your pre-collated sets. The maximum binding edge would be 12-inches. If the binding edge is less than 7-inches, please contact us for special instructions for minimum cover specifications. We provide these services to other printers, inviduals, or businesses.

Please refer to our Cover Design Guidelines page for information on how to submit a print-ready cover for a perfect bound book.

Saddle Stitching

Saddle Stitched

In saddle stitching folded sheets are gathered together one inside the other and then stapled through the fold line with wire staples. The staples pass through the folded crease from the outside and are clinched between the centermost pages. Saddle stitching is most effective for binding booklets and publications with around 64 pages or less.  Books with more pages may become bulky when folded and may not lie as flat as desired when saddle stitched.

Spiral/Coil Binding

Spiral Binding

Spiral (or coil) binding is the perfect choice if your publication needs to stay completely flat when open, such as a recipe book or any kind of manual. Your book can be opened a full 360 degrees, cover to cover, folding back on itself, yet still remaining open and flat. This method is excellent for wall calendars and planners because it allows them to hang completely flat against the wall. Coils are available in assorted colors to complement your publication’s cover.

Wire-O Binding

Spiral Binding

Wire-O Binding, also known as Twin Loop, Double-Loop, Double-O, Duo-Wire, or simply Wire Binding, is similar to spiral/coil binding mentioned above, but is more sophisticated in appearance. As with spiral binding, wire-o bound publications can fold back on themselves and still lay open and flat, perfect for recipe books, reference manuals, calendars, etc.

Comb Binding

Comb Binding

Comb Binding uses a plastic spine with a series of ring-shaped tines or “teeth” to secure a book’s cover and pages. As with spiral and wire-o binding, comb binding is a perfect choice if your publication needs to stay completely flat when open, such as a reference manual, study guide, directory, or recipe book.

Case Binding or Hardcover

Case Binding

Case binding is the most expensive of all binding options. We work with outside vendors to get you the best price and highest quality possible.