Frequently Asked Questions About Our Online Store

Some people are concerned about entering their credit card information on the internet, even though we are using a secure internet service. For those people, you may call us to place your order and give us your credit card information verbally, by calling (812) 247-3315 between 8am and 5pm, Monday thru Friday. For those people who prefer paying by check, you may complete your order by using the shopping cart and during checkout choose “Email” instead of Credit Card or Paypal. We will email you an invoice so you can print it out, and mail along with your check or money order to Country Pines, Inc., 11013 Country Pines Rd., Shoals, IN 47581. Your order will be filled after receipt of your payment.

Because our store is offered as a listing service for the convenience of our customers and others desiring to list with our store, our products will vary according to product availability and the desires of the individual sellers. We will only advertise items that are currently in our shipping inventory or items that are in the final printing stage and nearly completed. A seller must keep shipping inventory at our warehouse for their listing to stay listed in our store.

The purpose of our online store is to allow individuals to have an opportunity to sell their own item(s) on the internet without having to develop their own marketing avenues. We are commercial printers so therefore we print a mixture of Christian and secular products. As a convenience to our customers, we offer the listing services on our online store. Some of our products may contradict another product listed in our store due to the various backgrounds of our customers. We reserve the right to exclude any products that include profanity, x-rated material, material promoting cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, or material we consider to be offensive.

Yes, we will consider listing your item. Please review our CONSIGNMENT DETAILS on the About Our Store page. If you want to be considered for a consignment listing, please send us a copy of the item you want listed. Clearly mark “Review Copy” on the outside of the package. If we feel your item is compatible with our LISTING GUIDELINES, we will send you a consignment contract which you can sign and return with a supply of your product for our store inventory. Please do not submit any products that include profanity, x-rated material, material promoting cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, or material we consider to be offensive.

We provide an image of the book cover with a short description about the book. For many books, we also have a link which will allow you to review the Table of Contents when available, either a foreword or acknowledgement or testimonials about the book or author, and also a link to read a sample of the text from one or two chapters from the book. When the presentation style or the formatting of the book seems important, we will provide an image of the actual printed page, such as a songbook, picture book, children’s book, cookbook, etc. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will try to answer any further questions you might have.

The price on each item is determined by the individual sellers. Therefore, any special pricing would be at the direction of the individual sellers. Sometimes, the seller is hopeful that their book will be used for classrooms, group studies, church groups, etc.; these items may have an individual item price as well as a quantity price. (For example: 1 book for $17.95, 10 or more books at $15.00 each)

Since our business is located in Indiana, we must charge seven percent sales tax on orders shipped to Indiana addresses, only.

If the order has not already shipped, we would be glad to adjust the order as desired. However, you will need to call our office, (812) 247-3315 Monday thru Friday, between 8am and 5pm, to verify whether your order has already shipped.

We have tried to offer enough descriptions, images and sample text so that you can carefully choose the items you want to order. If, however, you are dissatisfied with the item, you may carefully package and return the item postpaid to Country Pines, Inc., 11013 Country Pines Rd., Shoals, IN 47581. If the item is still in salable condition when we receive it, we will give you in store credit to apply to another item or issue a refund for the cost of the item; postage will not be refunded.

Please notify us IMMEDIATELY of any defective, damaged, or incorrectly shipped items. In most cases, the defective item must be returned by USPS Media mail within 30 days of receipt and we will send a replacement.

Computer media may only be returned for refund if they are UNOPENED and are still in salable condition when we receive the returned item. Otherwise, if opened, we will not accept returns unless the item is damaged and then we will exchange the damaged item with a replacement copy of the same item.