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The opening scene starts with the two Kyger teenagers trying to convince their Grandma Kyger that it is time to sell her house and move into an apartment. They are pretending they care about Grandma's safety and loneliness, when really they are wanting Grandma to give them an early inheritance because their family had spent all their money. Of course they don't have time to "visit" Grandma but say they will be back when they get the paperwork for Grandma to sign. In the meantime, two little neighbor children have been visiting "Grandma" and she tells them about Jesus. They, in turn, tell their mother some of the Bible stories. Because their mother drinks a lot, she can only work part time so barely has enough money to pay the rent.

There is also the Hendrix family that loves the Lord, and cares about family and people, but the mother had to quit work due to their son's medical needs, and then the father loses his job because the factory closed, so he is doing any odd jobs he can find until he can get full-time work again. However, while doing a repair job for the Kyger family, they accuse Mr. Hendrix of stealing some items out of the garage and pawning it for money for Christmas gifts.

By finding Jesus, the children's mother quits drinking and starts to turn her life around. When the Kygers find out that their money is all gone and they can't buy happiness anymore, they decide to go visit the Manger Scene since it at least it is doesn't cost anything. When they get there, Baby Jesus is missing. All the talk about finding Jesus finally gets them to thinking about their own need for Jesus in their lives.

This story shows what a difference Jesus can make in the lives of the rich and greedy, the poor and wretched, and the faithful Christian as long as they are willing to seek Jesus.

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Eloise Haycox, 11013 Country Pines Rd., Shoals, IN 47581

Email: ehaycox@countrypinesprinting.com

User License: The purchaser of this downloadable copy of this Christmas Play may print as many copies as they need for use in the production of this play. The purchaser may not share this play (pdf file, or printed copies) with any other producer or organization with the intent of performing without purchasing their own copy.

Sample Pages:

Summary (1 page)

Caste (1 page)

Scene One (2 pages)

Scene Five (2 pages)

Scene Ten (3 pages)

Scene Eleven (2 pages)

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