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Is Something Missing? by Gail Hobelman

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Is Something Missing? by Gail Hobelman

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Is Something Missing? by Gail Hobelman

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Categories: Christmas Plays
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Five Christmas Plays and One Christmas Skit

This books contains 5 Christmas plays and one Christmas Skit. These plays were performed by the author's local church and were compiled into book form upon the encouragement of those who have heard the plays performed. They felt the quality and content of these plays should be available for other church and school groups looking for a good, Christ-centered Christmas play.

Titles include:

Is Something Missing?

A play set in a simple home setting and involving a church service. It is a story of a father frantically searching for what is missing out of every Christmas and his family who gets taken along for the ride as he searches for it. They finally find the answer at the special Christmas service at the church. Caste of 9, Running Time approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Have You Room For Jesus?

A short play involving the Bethlehem Inn, the innkeeper and his family, and shepherds on the night of Jesus' birth. Caste of 11, Running time approximately 50 minutes

The Greatest of All Gifts

A story set in the days when times were hard and a $900.00 mortgage payment was an impossibility, but a young girl learns an important lesson when Granny helps her to see why we should accept Jesus' gift to us now instead of putting it off until "later." Caste of 6, Running time approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes

My Very Best

A short play showing what can happen when we think of others first and give our very best. The setting takes place just a few days before Christmas in a simple home and a small town pawnshop. Caste of 4, Running time approximately 40 minutes

If Jesus Came Back This Christmas

A play portraying what it could be like if Jesus returned this Christmas season. Players should be used that could portray the emotions that are needed to get the seriousness of the message of this play across. Caste of 20, Running time approximately 1 hour

The Christmas Box

A skit including several children and one adult as the teacher. They sit in a circle around a large decorated box they are going to send to the missionaries. The teacher watches with dismay as one by one the children stand and tell what they have brought and drop it in the box, filling it with junk until the last girl comes in and shows them the true meaning of unselfish giving. The parts and names can be shifted to accommodate your players. This skit could be done along with My Very Best with a song between them since they have a similar theme and are both relatively short. Running time approximately 15 minutes

1 Reviews for Is Something Missing? by Gail Hobelman

  • A BIG HELP - Wednesday, October 3, 2012 Anonymous
    I purchased about 4 Christmas skit books over the Internet and this is the best one. I used one of the plays and will use another this Christmas. I've had to change some things to accommodate the children we have but I've used the same basic idea. Thank you to the author. -Virginia
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