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Eyes to See by Becky Keep

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Eyes to See by Becky Keep

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Eyes to See by Becky Keep

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Eyes to See chronicles the loss of a little boy's sight in one of the most powerful human-interest stories I have read in years. Like thread pulled by a needle, you will quickly be drawn into the traumatic events that plunged a young missionary couple into deep uncertainty and their youngest son, Jesse, into total darkness. As physical sight is lost, spiritual insight is gained - insight so profound that your eyes will be opened to see how God can redeem the most agonizing experiences for our good and His glory! - Dr. Michael Avery, President, God's Bible School and College

Eyes to See is a gripping, challenging, and reassuring narrative of God's faithful leadership during profound family crisis. You will find, as I have found, that Becky Keep, assisted by her husband Tim, has unfolded a story difficult to put down as she describes their reactions to the cancer that brought heartache and eventual blindness to their young son Jesse. With ruthless honesty she shares the emotional agonies, relational problems, and spiritual challenges that they encountered together. But at the same time she points continually to the power of the Living Christ who turns tragedy into triumph. Frankly, I think Eyes to See is a spiritual classic that the Holy Spirit will use to strengthen your faith, deepen your understanding, and warm your heart! - Rev. Larry D. Smith, Author, Bible Teacher, Editor of God's Revivalist

The book, Eyes to See, flows out of God's grace through a family already committed to life giving ministry. The stories of growing faith during their dark struggles while watching their young son Jesse lose his vision are heart breaking. We can discover with Becky and Tim the perfect gift of God's grace. As Tim says, "God's grace and the fulfillment of faith in His promise will amaze us, beautify us and fortify us with grace and healing." - Dr. Robert and Kay Bickert, Veteran missionaries to the Philippines

I first met Tim and Becky Keep while they were serving in the Philippines. In my observation, the challenges of rearing a child who is blind have made them better - stronger, more compassionate, and more effective in ministry. You will be deeply moved and challenged by their story. - Randy Weisser, Director, Resources for the Blind, Manila, Philippines

There are a plethora of books about faith and spiritual victory, but few match the transparency and candid story of Eyes to See. In the pages of this book, you will discover the honest openness of simple faith when faith is not simple. With this heart-wrenching story of a father and mother who walk with their little boy as he steps into blindness, you will find confidence for your journey. - Rev. Blake E. Jones, Pastor, Christian Leader

As you read Eyes to See, perhaps like me, you will find yourself laughing at the funny moments, or weeping over the heartbreaking loss of sight to such an innocent child. More importantly, as you finish the last chapter, I hope you will say as I did, "What a faithful, all knowing God we serve, who allows us to see glimpses of Himself and His goodness in the midst of pain and suffering." As a sister to Becky, I've had the privilege to watch close up their strong confidence in a God who holds all of our tomorrows safely in his hand. While their journey has not been one without hardship ... it has also not been without our loving God there to rescue them when they felt as if they couldn’t go on another day. Never once through the good, bad, and even ugly times of their story, have I witnessed Tim or Becky’s faith in a sovereign God to waiver. Tough times, oh yes! Heart breaking moments ... too many to count! But, if you had the opportunity to ask Tim and Becky, “Were you ever forsaken by God?” you would hear them confidently answer, "Never!" - Kim Collingsworth, Sister, Concert Artist with The Collingsworth Family

I'm thrilled that Tim and Becky Keep are writing their story. Not only will those four years be accurately recorded for their children and family, but sharing in book form the details of God’s faithfulness will be a blessing to many others! What an act of vulnerability and trust for them to share their innermost hearts with us! - Cathy Parker, Pastor’s wife, Friend

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