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At the Battle's Front by Elizabeth (Smith) Hamilton

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At the Battle's Front by Elizabeth (Smith) Hamilton

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At the Battle's Front by Elizabeth (Smith) Hamilton

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A Five Chapter Visualized Story of the Life of Rev. Lewis Glen Smith

Illustrated by Judy (Anderson) Simmons

This 5 chapter story, with 25 full-color illustrations to hold the children's interest, makes this book an excellent resource for Bible Clubs, Vacation Bible Schools and campmeetings. From a barefoot troublemaker in the hills of Southern Indiana to a soldier in God's army, the life story of Rev. Lewis Glen Smith is a blessing. This story has held the attention of children from all different walks of life.

The story of Lewis Smith is truly an amazing saga of redemption. Seeing the background from which he came, and knowing who and what he is today, makes the story all the more amazing. From my perspective the one thing lacking is that there is so much more to tell of Lewis Smith's life. . . his ministry of faith and prayer, his family, his influence. . . what a man!

I appreciate the moral issues that are raised and addressed in the story; also the inspiration that comes to all of us when we see and realize what God can do for any man or woman who is willing to surrender to Him. My commendation of this story is strong. --Leonard Sankey, Gen. Sec. of Interchurch Holiness Convention and Pastor

Wow! What a story! It really gripped my heart. I especially like the part how God saved (Buck) when he was playing church. God is so faithful--including to our children. The first part of the story reminded me of "Little House" books. --Barbara Baker, Children's Ministry Worker

The story of Lewis Smith is nothing short of fascinating. I has that rare blend of human interest and moral instruction that makes it both captivating and convicting. Sharing it with the children you love can only be a positive experience for both. --Michael Avery, President, God's Bible School and College

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