About William D. Gale

Born in a sod house on a Nebraska ranch in 1920, William Duane Gale has committed his long and colorful life to the cause for redeeming lost humanity. His passion for the lost has led to a life of service which has included 21 years of pastoring; 21 years in administrative/faculty work in Bible-training institutions; and 22 years of general level denominational leadership, 14 of which were spent as General Secretary of Foreign Missions. He worked with Brainerd Indian School for 15 years, nine of which he served as president. He was co-founder of the Northwest Indian Bible School, as well as the founder of the Latin American Bible Institute. He was also responsible for rebuilding the campus of the Philippine Bible Methodist College and extending the work of the Bible Methodists in the Philippines.

In sixty years of active ministry, Dr. Gale has given almost 40 of them to some form of missionary activity. He has served the work of missions in the following organizations: The Wesleyan Church, the Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Connection, the Bible Methodist Connection, Northwest Indian Bible School, Society of Indian Missions, All Tribes Indian School, Florida Evangelistic Association, and Friends of Missions. During his work among our Native Americans, he earned the endearing title of “Chief Hugs Himself” but the church at large refers to him as “Mr. Missions.” His wife Alice has been his faithful partner in ministry. –Dr. Michael Avery, President Emeritus God’s Bible School and College