Digital Printing

County Pines Inc. can now do digital printing in either black and white or color. Digital printing is designed for lower costs of small quantity runs because the setup costs are less for digital printing than for offset printing (using our offset printing presses). With Digital Printing we can do as few as one copy, whereas, offset printing is much more involved as far as setup time, procedures and expenses and is not as economical for extremely short-run jobs. Because of the lower setup costs and less waste, this reduces the overall price, which we can therefore pass on to our customers. If you only need 1 to 250 copies of a letter, form, document, book or other printed items, then Digital Printing may be a good option for your project. (For larger quantities, and for jobs that need to be printed with ink instead of laser toner, we can print those on our offset presses - contact us to discuss the best pricing and production options for your job.)

Short-Run Books: When only a few books are needed, the Digital Printing option is a great way to get a professional looking book at a reasonable price. For self-published books, text manuals, genealogy books, poem books, etc., our black and white digital printing works great. If you have photos that you want to include in the book, color digital printing is also an option and allows you to put the photos anywhere in the book that is the most meaningful. (With offset printing, color pictures throughout the book either increases the cost of the book extensively or to be more economical we suggest having a photo section in order to get the most color photos for the added cost of color to only the photo section instead of throughout the complete book.) To add a little spice to the overall look of the completed book, we can print a full-color cover (also printed from our Digital Printer), and complete the professional look with either saddle-stitching, perfect binding or spiral binding, depending on your preference. (For larger quantities, we can print on our offset presses and add UV Protective Coating to add extra shine to the cover.)

Color or Black & White Prints: If you need color or black & white handouts, reports, flyers, posters, cards - send us your computer file or your printed original - and we will be glad to produce the quantity copies requested. We can also do the computer design for you as a part of our Graphics Design services, if needed. We can print either one-sided or two-sided copies, with finish sizes up to 12Ó x 18Ó, on either offset paper (white or colored), matte or glossy paper, or card stock.

Services Available: Taking advantage of the newest technologies, we offer high-speed, high-quality printing services to meet both our customers' professional and budgetary needs. The Digital Printing services are very beneficial and economical for smaller quantity jobs, and are also a good option when a quick turn-around time is critical. The Digital Printing has less setup costs and time involved and therefore can be produced more quickly than the process for offset printing on our presses.

If you already have your file ready to print in a printable format (.pdf, .tif, .jpg) or a software program that is compatible for our use, you may either email, upload to our FTP site, or get the file to us on CD, DVD or Flash Drive. We can print directly from the computer files thus providing the sharpest, clearest printing from the original source.

If you don't have a computer file, but need copies from a printout that you have, we can reproduce that as well - realizing that the reproduction should be nearly as good as the original copy but if you have a smeary copy, the reproduction will be smeary as well.

Need help with designing your project? We also offer Graphic Design services using text, pictures and ideas that you have to create the finished project.

We also have additional bindery services that are available, such as, collating, numbering, perforating, stapling, 3-hole punching, folding, padding, perfect binding, spiral binding, plastic GBC binding, WIRO binding, saddle-stitching, and trimming.

Price Quote: We will be happy to give you a price quote for your job - just send us an email at or give us a call at 812-247-3315.

Information we will need:

Special Note: We reserve the right to refuse any project based on subject content, sexual references, nudity, profanity - if a project is submitted that we feel does not fit within our acceptable guidelines, we will contact you so that you are aware that the project is on hold or does not qualify.